Monsieur Arsène X Club 33: Authenticity in the Heart of the Marais

Club 33 opened its doors in the heart of the Parisian Marais a year ago. Marion and Mikael, hairdressers and barbers for more than ten years, wanted a resolutely authentic masculine place, where they can practice their art while placing quality and concern for a job well done as an absolute priority. A partnership with Club 33 was obvious to us and we are very proud to count the show among our privileged partners
Le Club 33 - 90 rue du Temple - 75004 Paris

Introduce yourself, the salon and your customers

Mikael, Marion, have respectively 13 and 10 years of experience as hairdressers and barbers. We worked together for 6 years and decided at the end of these six years, to have our own place, in the heart of the Marais in Paris, 90 rue du Temple, which is warm, authentic, dedicated exclusively to a male clientele, where The main idea is to optimize everyone's potential, stay as close to natural as possible, using as little artifice as possible.

How long have you been working with Monsieur Arsène and what were the decisive arguments for working with this brand rather than another?

We have been working with Mr. Arsène for a year, since the opening of Club 33. Why? Simply reflecting the service that we try to offer our customers, we have chosen to work with quality and natural products.

Regarding products, what is the most popular customer feedback?

Often the first hot reaction is to the scent of the product; people are very fans because it is very light. They tell us it's natural and therefore easy to wear and it doesn't interfere with any perfumes they may wear. And then on the textures, they are often pleasantly surprised, whether for the beard oil where "ultimately it is not too greasy, not too shiny", the gel-cream which also absorbs very quickly and the mask which is quite impressive: “it's soft, it nourishes, but at the same time we don't have the impression of having too much product presence, like what can sometimes turn out to be for other brands”.

What is the bestseller and why do you think?

A little difficult to say, all the products are selling well. However, beard oil is essential for any bearded man, so I would say beard oil. But the mask for its innovation, without rinsing and we see customers asking for more and more.

How do you plan to work in the long term with Monsieur Arsène and develop with the brand?

Monsieur Arsène corresponds to what we were looking for from the beginning, and we would be very proud to continue the adventure with the brand and to be able to evolve as the range also grows.
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