Collection: Fragrances

Arsène, Galant and Bois de Barbarie: three perfume names recounting the inspirations of an artistic encounter between two creators. One is a perfumer, the other is an entrepreneur. Catherine Petyt and Laurent Fluhr met in 2018 and immediately created an intense creative bond. Common values, the same love of beautiful materials, as well as respect for a certain sobriety, brought them together around a desire to redefine new and timeless elegance. Arsène was born in 2019, the eponymous perfume of the ancestor of Laurent Fluhr, who left in 1873 to fulfill his dreams of the Orient. It is a perfume that combines citrus and Mediterranean aromas in a subtle and powerful refinement. Galant is launched in 2020, woody oriental with spicy, warm and mystical accents. Bois de Barbarie is born in 2021, fresh and fruity elegance inspired by the fig tree.