Portrait of our Perfumer: Catherine Petyt

Catherine Petyt is the Master Perfumer behind the three olfactory creations that have entered our collections since the initiation of the Fragrances range in 2019. Each of the perfumes is the culmination of a collaboration that is as obvious as it is rich.

Since childhood, Catherine has been immersed in the scent of her mother's Guerlinades and in the world of excellent, mostly natural perfumes . Among those who will inspire his journey: Shalimar , a gourmet alliance of sweet bergamot and vanilla, Jicky meeting real lavender and vanilla from Madagascar, Après l'Ondée with iridescent connotations, L'Heure Bleue with notes of cocoa powder. rice and heliotrope and finally the fabulous Guerlain Vetiver , enriched with Saxony moss, sensual and soft. The ISPCA Perfumery School in Versailles will give him the necessary framework to professionalize.

Nature remains the main source of inspiration : in the wide open spaces in the mountains and forests of her childhood, in the Corsican maquis scented with delicious and warm cistus, or in the fresh and metallic snow of the Alpine peaks... Catherine is passionate and in constant search for authenticity, a passion that she puts to good use for beautiful houses like Firmenich or Typology , and now for the Rosier Davenne Laboratory with whom she formulates with few but the best essential oils and a few natural isolates, without synthetic notes.

From our meeting with Catherine in 2018, an intense creative bond was immediately created. Common values, the same love of beautiful materials, as much as respect for a certain sobriety, brought us together around a desire to redefine new and timeless elegance.

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