Red Beards among Brown People: Explanation

The genetic factor

Popular belief specifically attributes this color to the people of the Celts . Genetics , on the other hand, maintains that it is due to a pigment called melanin. The latter determines the color of the hair, axillary and pubic hair, the beard and more generally the skin. Melanin is synthesized in two forms: pheomelanin and eumelanin. Pheomelanin is responsible for the red coloring of hair. So, when beards grow on your chin, your body in return can secrete this pigment which will define the color of the latter.

Further on, we will need to refer to the concept of deoxyribonucleic acid (known as DNA) to better explain this phenomenon. Indeed, hair color depends on the genes carried by the DNA. According to genetic experts, there is a gene called MC1R carried by chromosome 16. This gene is at the origin of the mutation of melanin into pheomelanin within cells. In its interactions within the body, it causes a change in hair color. You are probably wondering if you carry such a gene.

An individual's genome is created from the genes they received from their parents. In reality, each of them gives you part of their genetic material. Thus, an individual who has red-haired parents has a high probability of also becoming one. In the case where only one parent has genes with red alleles, the individual resulting from this union could have red hair partially on some parts of its body.

External factors

Apart from melanin and genes, several other factors influence the appearance of red hair. The environment and lifestyle can indeed influence the appearance of red hair. Diet, stress and other factors are considered to be factors that can influence the red color of beards. Red beard can also be caused by bad habits: the heat from a lighter can gradually destroy the melanin in the beard and change its color.

Color your beard?

At Monsieur Arsène we are fans of naturalness and we do not recommend coloring your beard. However, there are plant-based colorings that have no impact on your health or the environment. The red beard has its fans, and we are one of them. Matched with the right outfit, it affirms your style and gives character. Red hair, on the other hand, tends to be coarser, and it should be taken care of as with any beard. Beard oil will give it a very elegant shine, without looking greasy. The beard mask will have a more matte finish.

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