Which natural men's care set should you choose?

Our natural care sets for men are your favorite as the holidays approach. And for good reason, these gift sets constitute real minimalist routines designed according to the specific needs and type of skin and beard.

Do you have a gift to make for a man you know? Here is a guide and some advice for choosing the appropriate box. You can put together your own box; for two treatments purchased - excluding travel size - we systematically offer you an accessory (beard brush or hotel quality guest towel).

Barber sets - natural beard care

More than 52% of men have beards today, and beard care has become an art that has seen the advent of a number of barbers, of varying quality. Man takes care of himself, and that starts with his beard, which has become a major issue in his sociability. What could be better than offering a barber box , including a single beard treatment, or supplemented with a moisturizing treatment for the entire face?

Beard oil is specifically for short beards, without any particular inconvenience and is suitable for men who are already experienced in cosmetic care, or who take care of their beard. It gives a shiny appearance without giving the impression of too greasy and “buttery” beard. Furthermore, it can also be used as a shaving beard. In a duo set - accompanied by the essential beard brush to remove dead hair and dead skin, and activate microcirculation - or combined with the moisturizing facial gel-cream for a face and beard routine, with a free beard brush.

The beard mask is particularly suitable for full beards, or for beard inconveniences, such as itching or beard dandruff. An innovation from the house, this natural beard treatment blends into the beard, leaves a matte effect, a nourished beard and hydrated skin. The beard mask works deeply and treats dry skin and flaking problems, while leaving a smooth, soft and easy-to-brush beard. For weekly use, the beard mask is available in a duo set for a strict need around the beard, or as an accompaniment to the moisturizing gel-cream for daily facial care. The brush is then offered.

The moisturizing gel-cream is an essential daily facial treatment. Fine and light texture which is also suitable for three-day beards which it also hydrates. The moisturizing gel-cream can also be used as an aftershave, thanks to the sea buckthorn berry seed vegetable oil which heals micro-cuts. In a duo set with the brush, or accompanied by specious beard treatments, beard mask or beard oil .

Natural facial care box

The beard is a first step in a man's beauty routine. However, other treatments are necessary to address skin problems. We do not create needs, the men's beauty ritual is minimalist : cleanse + moisturize . You can therefore put together a set of natural facial treatments geared towards these simple needs. Along with a cleansing treatment and our moisturizing gel-cream, a hotel quality guest towel is offered.

Our range of cleansers is made up of three treatments designed according to skin type:

The foam cleanser is a daily cleanser to take in the shower. It is suitable for all skin types and can be applied as a gentle facial cleanser to a damp face. In a box set , you can order it with the moisturizing gel-cream. A hotel quality guest towel is offered with the set.

The cream cleanser is a daily cleanser specially suited to sensitive and dry skin. In cream form, it is applied to a damp face, massaging gently to create a foam that rids the skin of everyday impurities such as fine particles, without damaging the hydrolipidic film. In a box , you can order it with the moisturizing gel-cream, a guest towel is then offered to you.

The mineralizing exfoliating mask has been designed for normal, oily and acne-prone skin. It is used once or twice a week depending on skin imperfections, and on wet face. The volcanic sand exerts a mechanical exfoliating action, relayed by the white clay which gets rid of impurities, while the aloe vera gives a new and soft skin effect at the end of application. The mask complements the daily cleanser, foam or cream, and the moisturizing gel-cream for a complete routine.

Shaving sets

With the launch of the shaving brush which complements the safety razor also made by the craftsman Michael Rendondeau in Auvergne, you can now put together a complete set for shaving . A beautiful shaving kit consisting of the razor, the shaving brush completed with a shaving bowl handcrafted in Périgord to which an organic goat's milk shaving soap produced by a Vendée soap maker can be added.

Mixed boxes

If certain sets target a specific need and a skin type, there is nothing stopping you from putting together your own set. Do you already have the moisturizing gel-cream? You can complete your routine with a beard mask and eau de parfum for example. In any case, with two treatments purchased, you will be offered either a beard brush or a hotel quality guest towel. You can personalize your box with many possibilities, be inspired!

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