How to prepare and protect your skin against the cold in winter?

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In cold weather, the skin rests to conserve body heat. Cell turnover slows down, causing dull complexion. To maintain hydration, you must strengthen the hydro-lipid barrier by nourishing the skin with products rich in lipids (fatty substances).

What our skin experiences in winter

Winter is a difficult season for our skin. Between the holidays and their excesses and the weather conditions, it is difficult to have a radiant complexion. The cold that rears its ugly head from the first days of winter is the main enemy of beautiful skin. Indeed, during cold periods, the skin plays an essential role as a barrier and thermoregulation. But, it also suffers from attacks which induce dryness, sensitivity, and redness.

From a physical, chemical and biological point of view, our skin constitutes a real barrier against external aggressions. When temperatures drop, our epidermis is exposed to colder temperatures than that of our body maintained constantly at 37.5°C. As a result, when it is too cold to maintain body temperature, the body reduces the temperature of peripheral regions and this is why we feel the cold first through the extremities (skin, hands, feet). The surface of the skin becomes fresher and therefore more fragile. Microcirculation slows down because when low temperatures are perceived, the blood flow to the skin is reduced. Less well-irrigated skin then becomes dehydrated and damaged. On the other hand, the protective hydrolipidic film deteriorates with sudden changes in temperature and drier or humid air in winter. The skin is therefore more sensitive to dehydration and accelerated aging.

Our skin becomes uncomfortable, tight and loses its elasticity. She requires cocooning, nourishing and soothing treatments. We then offer you some tips to protect your skin against winter weather changes.

Take good care of your face during the winter season

1) Adapt your skin cleansing to the cold:

To restart blood microcirculation and ensure oxygenation of the vessels, exfoliate the skin on your face to eliminate dead cells and help the development of new cells. This little cleansing also facilitates the absorption of moisturizing products but it must be done gently. Avoid aggressive soaping or too frequent peeling; a light massage is enough to remove dead cells. Our prescription: facial cleansing cream that respects the lipid hydrating barrier. Also opt for a regenerating mask once a week for an immediate boost of radiance on dull and dull skin.

2) Focus on enhanced hydration

To keep the skin supple in winter, opt for more nourishing treatments concentrated in moisturizing active ingredients to restore skin protection from the first cold weather, regardless of skin type. Our prescription: moisturizing gel-cream after cleansing the skin morning and evening before going to bed. Don't forget your beard, specifically exposed to the harsh winter cold. Use our beard mask twice a week.

Don't forget to pamper your body

Hidden under layers of clothing, our body suffers from the cold and friction and therefore also requires our attention. P refer shorter, less hot showers to long boiling baths. In fact, water vapor and heat dissolve the protective lipid film of the epidermis. In addition, be careful of hard water which further attacks skin weakened by winter. When you get out of the shower, apply your moisturizer because it is when the skin is damp that the active ingredients penetrate best.

Our prescription: a body scrub to remove roughness from the skin and allow optimal application of a balm, milk or oil depending on the dryness of your skin.