Our selection of gift boxes for the holidays

To mark the end of year celebrations, a new box set was developed, composed of three 30 ml bottles of different perfumes from the brand. Versatile set for men who like to change perfumes according to their mood, seasons or occasions. This box is in addition to our range of beard routine boxes or natural daily care routines.

The Versatile Box of three perfumes

The contemporary man is not necessarily satisfied with a perfume. If aromatic citrus fruits such as the Arsène perfume are very popular in summer due to the tangy freshness brought by its burst of green orange, woody notes are the prerogative of the winter season.

Whether you opt for the enveloping Galant perfume, composed of powdery notes of iris and woody smoky notes of guaiac or for the comforting 1873 Vetiver, woody amber with an opening of bergamot, you are accompanied by the right perfume in the frost of the 'winter.

The green notes of Bois de Barbarie evoke the outdoors, the verdant nature of spring, while the more delicious notes of generous fig or melon take us back to autumn. The perfume refers to a moment of relaxation outdoors and is very suitable for weekends.

versatile set of three perfumes

Beard Care Sets

Since 2018, we have offered you natural treatments adapted to each type of beard: an oil and brush box for short beards or one week at most, and a mask and brush box for coarse, fuller beards that have tendency to scratch or itch, or even produce beard dandruff. For complete face and beard care, it is possible to add our hydrating gel-cream to hydrate your face and apply as an aftershave for the contours. beard care sets

Shaving Boxes

We have developed with an Auvergne craftsman, accessories for your shaving in a contemporary design, although they are traditional objects intended to accompany you throughout your life.A safety razor made with a pear wood handle and a stainless steel and brushed aluminum tip, provides a lasting replacement for disposable plastic razors, and will beautify your bathroom. A shaving brush accompanies it, made from the same wood, topped with premium badger hair for a close shave. Add a shaving powder, offered in a black, refillable apothecary bottle, replaces the traditional shaving soap and the less ecological shaving foam. The whole thing is a beautiful box set that lasts a lifetime.

Safety razor and a shaving brush Monsieur Arsène

Facial Care Routine Boxes

The facial care routines are very minimalist, like the brand. We offer three, adapted to the skin type. For oily or acne-prone skin, opt for an exfoliating face mask and moisturizing gel-cream . For skin that tends to be dry or sensitive, choose a gentler cleanser, the cream facial cleanser which makes up a simple routine with the moisturizing gel-cream . Finally, most men will opt for the normal skin routine consisting of foam facial cleanser and moisturizing gel-cream. The routines cover a period of approximately six months. A person who applies a Monsieur Arsène product to their hands