Your loyalty rewarded!

If you have ordered online recently, you will have noticed that we launched our program to reward you for your loyalty . Thanks to you we are growing, and we want to let you know by sharing part of our success with you.

How to earn points

Place an order - For each Euro spent on our online store or in our store on rue Poissonnière in the Sentier Parisien district, you accumulate 5 Arsène points. Beforehand, you will have registered your account, if you do not already have one.

Share on Facebook
 Share on social networks - By sharing our Facebook page or following us on Instagram , you earn 50 points in each case. This reward is only possible once per account.

Points for your birthday - This day is special for you, it is also special for us. We'll give you 200 points on your birthday. To benefit from it, you must provide your birthday at least one month in advance. Valid only once per year per account.

 How to use your points

From your next order - You can use your points acquired from the next order: 100 points acquired will bring you a reduction of €1.

You accumulate 1000 points - Once these points are accumulated, you receive 20% off the next order, whatever the amount!


Sponsor those around you! Each referral will receive 15% off their first order and you will also benefit from 15% when they place an order. This allows us to make ourselves known to those around you.

Satisfied with our products? Talk it over

You are our best ambassadors - We are a young brand, and our only influencer marketing is you, your testimonials. It helps us grow if you add a comment (with photo) below the product you like. A little surprise also awaits you!