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Shaving brush

Shaving brush

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Manchurian tuft shaving brush diameter 26*55 mm

Pear wood handle and brushed aluminum base 40*50 mm

Weight between 90 and 100 grams

Personalization possible on wood

Handcrafted in Auvergne.

For the development of shaving brushes, Mr. Arsène joined forces with Michael Redondeau, a craftsman from Clermont-Ferrand with a passion for woodworking who had already created the safety razor that matches it.

The work is entirely handmade, and sustainable, recyclable/recycled materials are always favored. The treatment of wood is natural and without the use of chemicals.

Personalization requires a month of lead time. We will come back to you to ask you for the requested first and/or last name(s).

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