How to choose a perfume for a man?

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Which perfume to choose for which man? Offering a perfume is always a delicate matter. Adopting a new perfume is above all an encounter, and no one can anticipate the alchemy that can be created between the perfume and the wearer of the perfume. By knowing the person a little, it is possible to avoid some pitfalls and choose a perfume that will best suit them. Here we detail some tips to guide you in your choice.

Choosing a perfume based on your age

Man is generally faithful to his perfume, often over several years. However, it is rare that he is so throughout a lifetime. Sensitivities and tastes evolve and assert themselves with age, and one can be completely loyal to a brand and adopt a perfume that better suits one's lifestyle after a few years.

The 20-year-old young man is sporty, dynamic, full of ambition and energy to conquer the world before him. This youth can be highlighted by perfumes with sweet or marine notes, which we find in sporty and fresh perfumes, such as Arsène . The spicy woody tones will allow it to assert itself in its daily life.

The thirty-year-old is more complex, because he begins to acquire a lot of life experiences. He has the advantage of youth, and the energy to be as original and free as he is seductive, elegant, mysterious or sophisticated. Citrus perfumes, like our Arsène perfume, are the prerogative of original and free men because they are fresh and dynamic. Woody and spicy ones, like Galant , will be popular with seducers and the elegant, while tobacco and leather already herald the years to come and reflect a certain maturity.

The fulfilled 40-50 year old man is sure of himself and embodies virility and fulfillment. He has charisma and a serenity of his own and does not need an ostentatious perfume. Perfumes with notes of tobacco and leather, rich and sensual, are specific to these confident men. It's also the time to discover perfumes with fresh and complex notes of vetiver or warm oud. For this age group we recommend Galant with oriental woody notes, or Bois de Barbarie , woody green.

The mature man aged 60 to 70 has nothing left to prove and his tastes are affirmed. He knows what suits him and what doesn't. His experience often leads him towards authenticity. The great classics endure and embody the strong values ​​of the modern man: sobriety, elegance while retaining virility and charm. These perfumes are like great wines which reveal the entire palette of olfactory notes to those who know how to nuance them.

Wise men aged 70 and over have predilections for a particular perfume and it is difficult to direct them towards a completely different perfume which does not belong to the same olfactory family. Tobacco, Gray Flannel, Old Spice, or perfumes with lavender notes often come up among their choices.

Choose a perfume according to your style

The athlete will choose a perfume with invigorating and fresh notes in accordance with his dynamism. Aromatic citrus fragrances, such as Arsène or marine, will often be favored by these men, whether they are urban or fans of the great outdoors.

The businessman is full of confidence and dynamism. An assertive, seductive and refined perfume will suit it. Galant , with oriental woody notes, will match it for example.

The man of traditions loves timelessness, simplicity, history. It needs a timeless perfume, like Bois de Barbarie , with green notes of cut herbs and rare essences and resins like benzoin, which is one of them.

The seducer will particularly appreciate perfumes with oriental notes. Sensual and mysterious, this olfactory family grants the warm spicy and amber notes that surround those around them. Perfumes with notes of cinnamon, amber, pepper and nutmeg correspond to them. Galant combines the notes of incense and cloves with the powdery notes of iris, and enters this category of men.

The dandy will particularly appreciate niche perfumes, whether they are revisited classics, or with completely original notes. Understand that our entire collection will appeal to this profile of men with iconoclastic tastes.

The romantic will be seduced by perfumes with sweet notes on a vanilla base, like Arsène for example. Dreamers, they love intense scents that can be discovered throughout the day.

Here are some tips to better guide you in your choice. If you still don't know which perfume to choose from our Collection, you always have the option of the Gift Card and let them choose!

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