Ethos: our commitment

a man on the beach

Our core business is to offer a line of natural care for men. However, in addition to our know-how in formulation, Above all, we offer thoughtful consumption of cosmetic treatments with a sober and contemporary aesthetic, made in a local, artisanal and sustainable manner. This responsibility is extended to our entire range. Concerned about our environmental impact, we continue this same commitment through our daily decisions.

For example, we have decided to eliminate the cellophane traditionally wrapping perfume, our bottles are made of recyclable glass, packaged in linen bags and the shipping boxes are reusable. Finally, we are shareholders of Team for the Planet which invests in the field of the fight against climate change. People are at the heart of the company since we work for the cardboard part with an ESAT which offers work to adults with disabilities. It is these small gestures for the planet which are consistent with our convictions without devaluing quality of our products.