Male vs. Female Skin: Myths Debunked

Monsieur Arsène is a brand that wanted to address men and sometimes we are asked why we specifically address men and if there is a difference between men's skin and the skin of a woman. female. In terms of skin structure, there is no fundamental difference. The differentiation is rather made on the level of skin secretions which will give the human skin different characteristics.

Human skin thickness

The male epidermis is 20% thicker than that of women. This is due to male hormones which stimulate the production of connective and elastic fibers in the dermis. The thickness of the dermis and the collagen content are therefore greater in men. Man's skin is therefore more elastic, firm and thick. This thickness decreases regularly in men, which is only the case in women from the middle of their fifties.

A developed hair system

Male hormones, particularly testosterone, stimulate hair growth. Depending on the beard, the number of hairs varies between 6,000 and 25,000, and the growth rate is approximately 0.3 millimeters per day.

Sweat secretion

Men sweat more, particularly in the armpits, which is due to a greater number of apocrine and eccrine sweat glands in men. Another difference is that the acidity of sweat is different between the two sexes: men have sweat more acidic by about 0.5 units, partly due to the higher content of milky acid in men.

Sebaceous secretion

Sebum secretion is greater in men from puberty. The hydrolipidic film is thus richer in sebum and therefore more protective for the skin. The skin is also shinier and oilier and more often prone to acne.

Skin aging

Skin aging occurs later in men due to the maintenance of hormonal secretions throughout life. However, when the process begins, the wrinkles are deeper. Just like women's skin, men's skin ages more quickly depending on exposure to the sun and bad weather, stress or lifestyle habits (tobacco, alcohol, food abuse). Finally, men's skin is heavier, and skin aging is more visible: sagging in the cheeks and chin, especially since the hyoid bone which supports the Adam's apple forms with the chin at an angle favorable to the accumulation of fat.

More irrigated skin

The skin is more irrigated in men, the microcirculatory network is denser, and the blood flow is greater. This results in a greater predisposition in men to redness and bags under the eyes.

Men's skin therefore tends to be oilier and will require cosmetic treatment that balances this lipid secretion by applying treatments that are less oily than those for women. It is also more acidic in nature, and humans will need to use applications with a more neutral PH. Men's skin requires lighter products with a finer texture, due to the oilier and more acidic nature of their skin.

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