Shaving techniques in history

shaving technique

Shaving has been a common practice among humans for thousands of years, in different civilizations around the world. The methods used to shave have evolved greatly over time, from the most rudimentary tools to the advanced technologies we use today. Here is an overview of the different shaving techniques used throughout human history:

  1. The oldest tools : Prehistoric men probably shaved with sharp shells or sharpened stones. Rock paintings discovered in Stone Age caves in South Africa show men with shaved beard hairs. The ancient Egyptians, for their part, used bronze blades to shave, as evidenced by the representations on the walls of the tombs of pharaohs.

  2. Bronze Razors : Ancient Egyptians used bronze razors for shaving. These razors were sickle-shaped and their edges were often decorated with patterns or hieroglyphs. The Greeks and Romans also used bronze razors, which were considered luxury items. Bronze razors were also used in China during the Han dynasty (206 BC to 220 AD).

  3. Medieval Razors: During the Middle Ages, men used steel razors that resembled pocket knives. These razors were often folding for easy transport and storage. In Europe, barbers were often responsible for shaving men, as well as cutting hair and trimming beards.

  4. Safety razors : The first safety razors were invented at the end of the 19th century. These razors were equipped with a comb to keep the hairs straight and prevent cuts. Safety razors quickly replaced single-blade razors because they were safer and more effective. This type of razor is still popular today.

  5. Electric Shavers : Electric shavers were invented in the 1920s and have been perfected over the years. Early models were bulky and impractical, but modern electric shavers are lightweight, portable and equipped with many features. Electric shavers have been adopted around the world and are particularly popular in Japan.

  6. Multi-blade razors : Multi-blade razors were introduced in the 1970s and quickly became popular. These razors have multiple blades for a closer, more comfortable shave. Multi-blade razors also introduced lubricating strips to protect the skin and pivoting heads for a smoother shave.

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