What perfume for Indian summer?

Indian summer
Summer, which extends into this fall, tantalizes all our senses. Indian summer or Saint Martin's summer, is not only an explosion of colors in our countryside, but also a feeling of contrast between the heat of sunny days, with the freshness of nightfall. It is also a real olfactory patchwork. Let's take a look at the scents that inspire perfumers at this special time of year.
The balance between heat and freshness
One of the distinctive features of the Indian summer is the subtle balance between the residual heat of summer and the first cool breezes of autumn. Perfumes that manage to balance these contrasts offer a complex and captivating olfactory experience .
The Arsène perfume , iconic of the House, is a very fresh fragrance, an explosion of citrus fruits whose main citrus fruit, green orange, has a very fragrant zest and leaves which provide a vegetal tone. Its general appearance is very sunny and its liveliness highlighted by mint, ginger and lavandin, while a fruity apple accord brings the sweetness of autumn fruits and a floral and humid accord recalls late bloomers. of summer. The woody trail brings the warmth of the undergrowth. Arsène eau de parfum is well anchored in summer perfumes with one foot in the fall season. For those nostalgic for summer.
Around vegetal and fruity
The forests are adorned with green, orange and yellow colors and the smell of damp leaves and branches tickles the nostrils, mixed with the soft and sweet scents of ripe fruits at the beginning of autumn.
If there is one perfume that can evoke this olfactory field, it is Bois de Barbarie . The fragrance is timeless and not necessarily tied to a season, but the notes of cut herbs give a moist and fresh aspect to this very green scent. The fruity sweetness of fig meets the fresh and unexpected notes of water fruits such as melon, creating a delicious and refreshing olfactory experience. A few isolates of subtle flowers such as rose, jasmine and hawthorn, recall late bloomers, while notes of warm oriental woods harmonize with rare resin essences.
The warmth of an oriental woodland
Perfumes with oriental notes are timeless and match all genders, ages and styles. In one spray, they warm our mood, bringing comfort in the cooler nights of autumn. These scents correspond to the end of the Indian summer.
Galant eau de parfum is intended for the sensual, elegant man with natural nobility. The powdery tone of iris, mixed with the sensual, burning spices of cloves and Madagascar ginger, combined with the animal warmth of resinous leather and the smoothness of resolutely masculine woods give an enveloping, reassuring, warm nature. , almost erotic with this semi-oriental perfume. How can you not comfort yourself with this perfume when the temperatures drop during the nights of an Indian summer?
Perfumes are like your perception of Indian summer. With nostalgia for the hot, Mediterranean summer, your choice will be Arsène , an aromatic citrus. You are sensitive to the fruity sweetness and the plant which transforms and moistens in the ambient air, it is the green Bois de Barbarie perfume which will seduce you. And when the cold nights direct you towards a comforting and reassuring scent, your choice will be Galant , taking you on a journey to more oriental, warmer lands.
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