How to stimulate beard growth?

More than a sign of growth, the beard has been at the top of fashion in recent years. It is also the pride of every man who wears it. Unfortunately, many people do not have the privilege of enjoying it. If you are part of this category of people, here are some tips to help you stimulate the growth of your beard.

Have a correct lifestyle

To stimulate the growth of your beard, you must above all have an impeccable lifestyle. Keeping your skin clean and well hydrated promotes optimal beard growth. To do this, get into the habit of washing your face with lukewarm or cold water as soon as you wake up. This action helps get rid of dead skin and dirt that prevents beard growth .

Furthermore, the use of a facial and beard care product is also recommended. Scrub, for example, is an excellent cleansing product that unblocks pores, promoting hair growth. Additionally, unlike soap, the scrub does not cause itching.

Also consider using a beard shampoo. They are tailored to these specific hairs as well as being excellent for cheek skin. It is also recommended to drink enough water for a full and shiny beard .

Use a hair growth stimulus

To stimulate hair growth , you can also use a beard growth accelerator. There are in fact several in various variations.

Castor oil is one of the most popular. It is a fatty vegetable oil that heals and purifies the skin, but also facilitates beard growth. To benefit from its benefits, it is recommended to apply it as a mask to dry beard.

Then heat a slightly damp towel and place it on the beard for half an hour. This will allow the oil to penetrate the hairs well. Finally rinse your face with plenty of water.

On the other hand, there are also accelerators in the form of nutritional supplements or sprays. These accelerators are known for their efficiency and above all their speed. They are often composed of vitamin E and natural ingredients combined with castor oil.

Also note that the beard brush is also a good stimulus that allows the rapid growth of the beard.

Have good nutrition and a good sleep schedule

Your nutritional regime greatly influences the health of your beard. Indeed, the proteins and vitamins contained in certain foods are excellent for the rapid growth of these hairs. Junk food, animal fats and sweets should be avoided because of their harmful effect on hair growth. Instead, choose egg yolk, soy, liver or dairy products.

You should also avoid any stress whatsoever. It actually constitutes a real obstacle to growth. It slows down growth and can even cause gaps in the beard . Therefore, it is recommended to get enough rest to allow the body to regenerate dead cells in your skin. So don’t hesitate to get an average of 8 hours of sleep per night.

Reduce razor use

Contrary to popular belief, shaving often will not help you grow your beard. It is true that shaved hair grows back quickly at first, but this growth slows down very quickly afterwards. In fact, shaving does not promote the creation of new pilosebaceous follicles. To have a thick beard , you simply must avoid interrupting the growth. Know that a beard takes 1 to 3 months to grow properly without any interruption