How to properly clean your men's skin?

clean your skin

We mentioned it in a previous article , men's skin differs from women's in that it is oilier, because it is richer in sebaceous glands, responsible for the production of sebum. It is also thicker, because the epidermis is thicker. Not to mention the hair system, which is a natural protection against the sun and external aggressions, but which is a cause of irritation when shaved, especially on a daily basis. We must therefore favor moisturizing agents , because oilier skin does not mean that it is more hydrated (hyaluronic acid or glycerin for example). We will also look at exfoliating agents , such as fruit acids, to refine the outermost layer of the epidermis, composed mainly of dead cells. Finally, soothing agents are necessary for skin irritated by shaving in particular.

Cleaning Routine

It is essential to clean your face well in the morning, in order to eliminate excess sebum produced at night as well as dead cells resulting from epidermal differentiation. The Foam Facial Cleanser is applied in the shower, massaging a small amount of foam onto the face, then rinsing thoroughly. You should definitely not use a body soap for the face, as this risks drying out the facial skin due to the surfactants it contains and its alkaline pH.

If your skin is dry or tends to be dry, you should instead use the Cream Facial Cleanser , whose cream texture helps strengthen and rebuild the hydrolipidic barrier in order to maintain good hydration and fight against skin dryness. Apply a dab of cream to the face by massaging, then rinse thoroughly.

In addition to daily care, it is necessary to apply a Mineralizing Exfoliating Mask once or twice a week which will eliminate traces of impurity and leave a new, deeply cleansed skin effect, while providing the minerals necessary for the right balance. pH. Apply a dab of the mask composed of white kaolin and volcanic sand, massaging gently in a circular manner before rinsing thoroughly.

Hydrate and soothe

After each wash, moisturize your face well with the moisturizer suitable for your skin. Hydra Gel-Cream is a natural complex of antioxidant and moisturizing active ingredients necessary to protect your face in a lasting and light way. For demanding skin, or skin prone to dryness, we will additionally apply the Age-Defense Serum in the evening.

Care adapted to skin types

Different skin types are determined partly genetically, but also by your lifestyle. Your skin will be exposed to air pollution and microparticles in an urban environment, it will be even more weakened if exposed to dust or the sun, responsible for skin aging in 80% of cases. Cold, wind, humidity, stress, lack of sleep, tobacco, diet, tobacco, alcohol... will all have an impact on the health of your skin. These factors are responsible for prematurely aged skin, gray complexion and redness.

Tips and tricks

Washing your face with only tap water will not deeply cleanse your skin, and the water will tend to dry out your skin.

After each rinse with clean water, dry the skin with a clean towel, without rubbing, by simply dabbing it on the face.

Avoid touching your face too much, because in addition to the environment which will pollute your skin, your fingers will deposit microbes and bacteria of all kinds.

A healthy and balanced diet will result in beautiful skin: fruits provide the necessary vitamins and vegetables fiber to maintain the intestinal microbiota, essential fatty acids, omega 3 and omega 6, for their hydrating and anti-inflammatory activity.

Finally, regular sporting activity and hydration are essential for the proper functioning of your skin.