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Cream Face Cleanser

Cream Face Cleanser

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The Cream Face Cleanser purifies, cleanses and hydrates the face by eliminating traces of impurity. Its cream texture helps strengthen and rebuild the hydrolipid barrier in order to maintain good hydration and thus fight against skin dryness.

3.4oz / 100ML


Normal, sensitive or dry-prone skin.


It is used daily, by applying to the face and massaging to form a light foam, before rinsing thoroughly. Apply in preparation for a moisturizing and regenerating treatment, such as the Moisturizing Facial Gel-Cream.


The Creamy Face Cleanser is formulated with willow extract, glycerin and essential oils of petitgrain bitter orange, rosemary, bay leaf, lavender and geranium, lightly scented with "Arsène". Contains an anti-pollution active ingredient and natural active ingredients that regenerate and strengthen the hydrolipidic barrier.

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