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How to use a safety razor?

Article from January 4, 2022
Shaving set

Hair loss in men

Article from November 30, 2021

Hair loss in male baldness

Destination France for your summer vacation 2021

Article from July 15, 2021
Montmirail lace

Clean your men's skin properly

Article from July 8, 2021
Clean your skin well

Sean Connery, portrait of a gentleman

Article from April 24, 2021

Meeting with Club 33, our barber partner in the Parisian Marais

Article from March 24, 2021

What can we know about gray beards?

Article from February 24, 2021

How to stimulate beard growth?

Article from February 10, 2021

The red beard

Article from January 27, 2021

Difference between a man's and a woman's skin

Article from January 13

Beard Types

Article from December 30

Prickly Pear Seed Oil

Article from December 16

Aloe Vera Gel

Article from December 2

Determine your Skin Type

Article from November 18